1919-6-12 – London, England

Stationery: folding “With the Colors,” “Soldier’s Letter” in the stamp corner, addressed to Mrs. Olive Cummins, Freeport, Ohio, U.S.A, in bottom left hand corner at an angle: C. M. Cummins, 75 Bethune Road, London, Eng.

London, England. 6/12/19

My dearest Olive,

Just another line or two. You will be disappointed if I do not write to you often. I did think of visiting the British Museum again this afternoon—but just saw a movie ad fell that it is most too late now. I have been getting mail from you the first of every wekk. Guess the ships do not come in but once a week.

I wrote a letter to the government about some land in Mont. yesterday. Am just feeling about to get what information I can about different places.—not that I am going to take advantage of them immediately at all.

Thot something of going to Stratford-on Avon today, but rain yesterday, and it may be fixing to do the same thing today. We have not had a good rain now for about 3 weeks. the crops need a good rain.

I which that I were home. I would try and make arrangements for a house for us to live in, in Norway. We may have to board for a few weeks, but I would rather be settled at once, if possible. If we could only get a few furnished rooms for awhile, that would be very good. I asked Geo. in my letter about a place to flop. Think that it is most time that I am hearing from him but suppose that we will write later. I did not send any word to Galveston—that was the Indiana place, wasn’t it? Had a notion to cable them that I would not take less than $1700 but decided not to do so. In regard to your fruit proposition, spect that it will cost as much to have it shipped as it would cost on the spot. What about it? Well I am at the end of this page.

Yours lovingly, Clyde

Did I tell you that we have orders to leave here July 1. That is we are ordered to be ready to leave. We may have to go by way of France thru Brest.

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