1919-1-10 – Großmaischeid, Germany

reference to letter written the day before 

cost of living references

 “Y” Army of Occupation stationery  w/ cover

from:  Serg. C.M. Cummins, Hdq. Co. 324 F.A.


to: Mrs. Olive Cummins, New Waverly, Indiana, United States

postmark: U.S. Army Post Office MPES 734, 1 11 19 [looks like the ‘9’ is upside down]

censor: A.E.F. passed as censored 1399, O.K. and signature handwritten

Großmaischeid, Ger., 1/10/19.

My dearest Olive:

Just a line or two today. I said something about sending some money to you and now I have the money order for the letter. I am sending 100f or $1824. One hundred f is equivalent to 1834 but the money order cost 10¢. This will pay your board three weeks, get you a couple pairs of shoes, or some new clothes, all depends on what you most need. It is not so very much but it all counts in time.

I wrote you a long letter last night and nearly wrote myself out. Took a bath today. They have a shower apparatus fixed up here which very well serves this purpose.

We are going to get some mail today and maybe my Xmas package is in it. That box is certainly delayed somewhere, but others have not yet received their. Had a very good dinner today. boiled beef potatoes with jackets gravy and coffee.

 I have a good bed to sleep in.—a feather tick for a cover. That is something I never saw in America. They do not seem to have much use for covers like ours here. We also have a food stove in our room and plenty of wood to burn. Really we have but little room to kick—only the eats do not at all satisfy me and it would be much better home. It is an anxious time for us all, but such is life in Germany. It was an honor for us to come into Germany but that is wearing off now and we would consider it more of an honor now to say howdy to the Statue of Liberty.

You can consider this a belated Xmas gift. Better late than never.

 Yours affectionately,


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