1919-1-13 – Großmaischeid, Germany


Return address:


Hdq. Co., 324 F.A. Germany

 to: Mrs. Olive Cummins

New Waverly, Indiana,USA

U.S. ARMY POST OFFICE MPES 734 (734 is preceded and followed by a figure “X” with a vertical line through it)
Censor mark: PASSED AS CENSORED (unreadable) OK, Matley (?), Lt. F.A.

Großmaischeid,  Ger. 1/13/19

My dearest Olive:

Just a line this evening, principally to tell you that I received your Xmas package in good shape. Everything was in excellent condition and just the things I wanted. The tubs of medicine will go very well, but I have not been troubled with the sore throat very much this fall and winter. I used it on the boy’s boils today.

I forgot to tell you that you used good discretion in sending what you did. Some of the chocolate drops were smashed just a little but the enough to hurt anything. The handkerchief was there also. There could not have been anything taken from it, because the box was full.

They are having a calls in elocution here now, led by the chaplain. I hardly think that I will go.

All the boys here in the P.O. received boxes and we all made a division. I was last to receive mine.

I would like to make a trip down the Rhine sometime. They are grating passes and I would go if I could go with some one that is interested in the things that I am.

 I have not had any cooties, but some of my associates have in fact three of the boys in the P.O. have had cooties. Hardly feel like a veteran without the cooties. It may be my inspections have not been close enough.

Will close,

Yours lovingly,


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