1918-8-19 B – Camp Coëtquidan, France

Stationery: “On Active Service”

Camp Coëtquidan

8/19 PM.

I will have to hustle or I will not get all those letters answered before I receive some more. This answers the one of July 23.

Does that 120 per mean 120 all in—inclusive of instructing and everything? I should think that you would be getting the swelled head soon. I hope that your red headed assistant will live up to the record of the red heads. Hope you do get history and English or Latin. You should have your choice since you are “it.” You have the right spirit in planning so that the other fellow will work with you as leader. You should have lots of time to visit the lower grades. I should say that I am proud of you. In fact I am ashamed that you are doing better than I financially.

 I am glad that you will not have to take any correspondence work, since it would be entirely to burdensome to carry so much work along with your regular work.

Yes, other schools, will be thinned out as well as yours. Quite a number of H.S. youngsters will have to join the Army. Leave it to you to keep Millard [Willard?] busy.

Does not make any difference what Frantz thinks. Sure he is our for himself and you should be too. You are not retrograding. Instead you are advancing.

Am sure that your services and help will be appreciate there in the Red cross work.

 When you mention anything about your work I will be interested since I am so will acquainted where you are. Tell me all about your work and I will read attentively.

Well will close.

Yours affectionately,


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