1918-5-23 – Camp Sherman

Camp Sherman, 5/23/18.

Dearest Olive,

Will write you this afternoon. I received your card this morning. No, I have not had my pictures taken. Have not had the time. I was at the Artillery range this morning and had the chance to come home early this forenoon and I took the chance. I travelled in the ambulance to and from the range. Got back about eleven o’clock.

I made arrangements at the community house for you yesterday evening for six days, so rooms are presumably safe there now. They are in very great demand and I thot it best to engage one before I heard from you, as to when you would arrive. Now, if you come Wednesday the room may be found in the city for that evening, so if you can come Wednesday, come by all means—but take your time. There is no use in hurrying so that you will not enjoy your trip. We will be here for a couple of weeks yet anyway, so that will give us some time together, at least a week.

It will be much better for you to live in camp while here and it will be no dearer financially than otherwise. It cost 25¢ each way to go to and from the city. It is three miles to the city. You can get your meals at the community house also and I can continue to mess with the company.

Olive, I am going to leave my two suitcases in your care and you can use these while I am gone. I will not take that leather one with me. I am sorry in a way that I brought it with me, since someone has it borrowed most of the time. The other one is not much good, but serviceable. I will send my trunk home with some of the extras which I have. I do not wish to take anything more than possible. The Gov. will not allow us to take only so much.

We can talk over your future while you are here together with numerous other things. One and the greatest reasons why I do not wish to go is that I do not like to go and leave you—but the time must come. After all the war department has planned elegantly for us. Your school is closing just in time for you to come and visit your husband. They was very kind indeed to us, aren’t they? Guess they did not know anything about our plans though.

I am very anxious for your arrival and will meet you whenever you say. Yours affectionately,


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