1918-8-1 – Bain de Bretagne

Bain de Bretagne, Fri, 8/1/1918.

My dearest Olivia:

I suppose you have certainly received my first letters before this, but I notice that you are very sensible about it when you say the mail might be delayed several weeks. You will know at least that I am doing my part in writing to you, and if my letters feed the fish it is not any fault of mine.

We are looking for more mail soon, since but little has been received from the 1st to the 9th of July. Just think! we are beginning another August. Am glad getting here, but they will finally come.

The war news still continues favorable. The Japs are intervening in Russia. The drive of allies in practically stopped. Can’t see now how Germany will last more than two years. We will undoubtedly be in the fight by Spring or early summer. You must remember that just now we have just as fine a place to live as in Camp Sherman. We have no dust, since we live in the fields. The roads are not so dusty. They are made of limestone. The lanes leading to the farmers’ dwellings are not in very good condition and they must get terribly muddy in winter. The roads are shaded by tress on either side also. And the sun never gets to them.

I suppose, Olive, that when I return to America that you will have everything ready for me when I return. If you decide that you can enjoy yourself better by renting some rooms next summer and having them furnished do so. I suppose that you will hardly want to do it since you can just as well rest at Mothers and I am inclined to think from your letters that you like to stay at mothers. Then too, you hardly know what you are going to do next year. I am not hoping to be home in less than a year and a half. Well, you is ever thinking of you.

Yours affectionately,


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