1918-8-19 – Camp Coëtquidan, France

Stationery: “On Active Service”

Camp Coëtquidan, , 8/19/18

My dear Olive:

This is an answer to your letter of July 26. It may be that I will not get them all anwered since some of them are misplaced somewhere.

It seems that your program at Waverly is much better than at Hartford since your school begins the week following institute.

Glad you had a pleasant time at Uncle Als. They have a good machine and certainly make good use of it. You will find that the Sprouls are very much alike in action. I always that that Aunt Adda was OK.

I am surprised that they had enuf of pep to have a Chautauqua at home. They had one several years ago there. Yes the paper comes in very handy in bringing in home news scandal gossip, etc.

Hope the return shops are full male prisoners. They should put a few in every ship so the Huns would be careful about sinking ships.

Yes we are fighting for democracy, liberty and a lot of other things that we can’t define but our ideas are good.

 Now about those letters of the “March Wind.” Just tell her that she may write all the letters she cares to and they will be read, reread scrutinized to the limit at this end. They are always welcome.

 I am sure that you will have but little trouble at Waverly. In fact the little trouble in discipline will not worry you at all. I am glad that you have interesting work to occupy your mind.

Was at a “Y” building yesterday just in time to hear a talk. The music was good, but the sermon nothing xtra.

Yesterday afternoon I had a good rest and last night too, as a result I am feeling extra good this morning.

he regiment is on the range this morning firing with the “big guns.” I am doing no drilling. just taking care of the mail and we have been very busy since we came here. Our aim is take take some of our P.O. furniture along with us this time when we go.

Yours affectionately,


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