1918-9-1 – Camp Coëtquidan, France

Stationery: “With the Colors”

Camp Coëtquidan, 9/1/18. Sunday Morn.

My dearest:

Good morning. This is a fine morning in La France. Just little bit cloudy, but otherwise O.K.

I intend to go to church this morning at 10 o’clock. Just got back from sending the mail over to the post office.

I went to the movies yesterday eve, but they were so poor that I got up and walked down the street. Another corporal and I. We bot some English walnuts and had a dish of ice cream. The ice cram was not like it is in the U.S. but cost 30¢ a dish—a very rare delicacy you see.

We are not allowed to tell anything of our training here and that explains very well why I do not say much about my work.

Received the letter of Aug. 6-8 yesterday and it was a good long one. Your letters are always good and are not monotonous in the least. Anything you say is interesting. Whatever you are do not be too conscientious about overcrowding the mails with your letters. There is no limit to the number of letters a soldier may write and vice versa. Don’t think that what you say is trivial because it is surely not.

Glad you are getting fitted in clothes for the coming winter. You have certainly been very economical this summer in your purchases. Maybe just a little bit too much so.

And you made a trade in wedding gifts? Good for you. I had almost forgotten what we got.

Too bad about John, but perhaps he will recover some time. I hope so.

This French money is like tobacco coupons. They have a bill for 17.8 cents which they call the franc. Yes they have one even for one half a franc or 50 centimes. The amount of paper does not count for money.

It is good of mother to do so much for us. That will be quite a help in the end as you well know. I told you about the allotment in a previous letter.

 I suppose you enjoyed yourself while at A. A.’s in the country, did you? Wish I could have been along. I would have had a good time too maybe.

The shower that you spoke of on your trip was certainly a bad one.

I am glad that they finally sent me an insurance policy, because now you have something to show for what money I am depositing for insurance.

I think that I have answered your letter of the 6-8 pretty thoroughly. I will quit now and go to church.

With love,


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