1919-6-11 – London, England

Stationery: folding “With the Colors,” “Soldier’s Letter” in the stamp corner, addressed to Mrs. Olive Cummins, Freeport, Ohio, U.S.A, in bottom left hand corner at an angle: C. Cummins, 75 Bethune Road, London, Eng.

London, England 6/11/19

My dearest Olive,

Just a line to you before I depart for home. You know that I have not been writing to you so much lately, but it is not because my heart is not in the right place. I have written some very long letters interesting? and uninteresting—and perhaps I do write about as much as you at that.—Slam [?] no. 1.

Yesterday evening had a comp ticket to “The Luck of the Navy.” I was not particularly stuck on it. I expect that if the English knew I left before this conclusion, it would be a long time before I get another complimentary ticket.

Now this afternoon, I went to Harrow-on-the-Hill—a public shool [sic] for the training of the elite of England. Was favorably impressed with the staff, buildings, etc. It is something after the style of Eton and Rugby. Have been thru Rugby two or three times but never stopped to see the school.

They are having quite a wrangle in the Senate now, and what with the widespread strikes! What is the word coming to [?] anyway? Shall we have the peace before July 1? I doubt it. I am afraid that if they continue putting it off that the Big Four might get into a wrangle and then what? Enuf of the world. I do not mean that I have enuf but I mean that I am going to quit discussing such now.

Had tea with the head master to-day—a Ph.D. and an Oxford man. He seemed to be quite democratic and congenial and treated us royally. As the Englishman would say! I had a ripping good time.

I like to write on this paper, so I use it in preference to the other even though is it not trimmed.

Will close.

Yours Lovingly,


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