1919-4-26 – London, England

Stationery: “with the colors” (Flag in red and blue on left, “Army and Navy Young Men’s Christian Association “With the Colors” in the middle, and YMCA logo in red and blue on right)

London, England., 4/26/19.

My dearest Olive,

Well I had my first direct letter from the States yesterday. It was written Apr. 12, and took thirteen days to come. That is very good time. I have never gotten the one that was sent to the British University Hdqrs. I suppose it will be forwarded to me in time. I took from the letter that you wrote in Logansport that you had sent money also in a previous letter. Oh! well why talk about it? It will find me in a day or two.

I meant for you to send the order by the Reg. U.S. Postal money order, since it would have been much cheaper. We have an Army P.O. here. What did the international ones cost you? I had an idea that they were very dear. I thank you for your trouble. Think that I will need no more. Got 12£ from the Gov. this morning.

I am glad that you saw something about getting a place for me. Not much use in my trying this far away, just now. You can keep me posted from time to time. However you go ahead and get you a school and when I return we will at least be safe for some sort of an income. I can take your place and you can darn my socks.

I saw a play “Going Up” last night. A sort of an airplane plot. I was not so very well satisfied with it.

Mr. Ludders and I have met. You rember [sic] about our meeting at Waverly. If I have to take an examination I am sore afraid that I will have to do a little reviewing. Are the papers examined by the State or County Supt.?

I think that I should at least get the $150000  per year. Go and talk with the gent—that sort of a school would suit me very well. Do they have much athletics?

I may be home for two or three weeks vacation anyway before school begins.

This is rather an odd day. One minute it rains and another the sun is shining. I wore my raincoat and am prepared for any sort of weather. I have had a cold for a couple of days, but I think that I will feel O.K. in a few days.

I suppose that about now you are having you H.S. commencement and are feeling entirely free. You did not tell me where you were going when school closes.

Do not know that I will do to-morrow.

Yours lovingly,


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