1918-6-7 – Camp Mills, NY

[With an envelope, missing its stamp, postmarked Hempstead, N.Y., June 7, 6 p.m., Mills Branch, addressed to Mrs. Olive Cummins, Freeport, Ohio]

Camp Mills, Hempstead, N.Y.   June 7, 1918

Dearest Olive: Yours truly is out of bed feeling fine this morning and I only hope that you people are feeling likewise. The P.O. force was down at Hempstead last eve. It is about one mile down the line. Just makes a nice little evening jaunt. I was will blanketed last night and slept warm. We did nothing in the city except walk around. We tried to find a show of some sort to go to but did not find anything that pleased us so did not go. We have not been checked for our clothing yet. I guess they were around to see us list night, but the office was closed and we were absent. We close at seven o’clock. We are using Eastern time here, so now we have turned our timepieces ahead one more hour. We will soon be getting up the same time we go to bed. It is raining and very wet here this morning, but we have a good tent and have kept ourselves dry. I have had no word from you this Friday morning. I was thinking that it is time mail was getting here from Camp Sherman, but the mail seems to be pretty well clogged up here. In fact we are getting poor service all around. Quite a number of the boys are getting passes to go to the city. Some are going in the daytime and others during the night. I think that I will go down tomorrow, if plans work out well. Still I may defer until next week. The city is always so crowded Saturdays. My writing is poor but my knees are my table. I do have a board to place my paper on. We are fortunate to have paper, pen and ink. Just so you are able to read. When I think that it is definitely settled that we are going to leave I will sign my name in full thusly: Clyde Manson Cummins. You may as well know it as not, if it will do any good, and I can’t see what harm it will do. I am anxious to hear from you to know how you are getting along, and to discover what you are doing, your plans, etc.

Yours Lovingly, Clyde

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