1918-11-24 – France

plain stationery, no perfs, in pencil

says his division was the first to come to France

On the [paper torn] /24/18. [because it is after 18-10-27, on the 24th and a Sunday, it is November]

My dearest Olive:

Yours truly has not written a letter for some days, but that can be explained by knowing that I am on the way to the Rhine. Suppose you have suspicioned this before this. I may be home before I thought I would, since our division was the first to come to France.

I received two letters from you today. the last was written the 27th of October and you were still have your vacation, but suppose that you are back to work by this time. Was glad to hear that you were having a vacation since it would give you a rest. By the time you get this you will have finished your third month of school. You would be surprised to see me home by the first of the year. I do not know when I will be there but it will be some time perhaps. Maybe two of three months.

I am seeing lots of country afoot. You know that is the way one can see most everything along the way. the march though gets very tiresome sometimes.

This is Sunday but one cannot tell Sunday from Monday here. One must first stop and think of the sequence of days of week.

Had a letter from Olive V. today Ill also added a line. The were all OK, save the influenza.

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