1918-7-19 – France

[on YMCA bi-fold paper, the first on this stationery]

Somewhere in France 7/19/1918

Dearest Olive:

Yours truly wrote you a card today, but why not end the day by writing you a short letter. I came back to town this evening. Had a pair of trousers at the tailor and wanted to come after them. Then too, one of the boys is sick and wanted some oranges, so I got them too while here.

There has been but little happened since I last wrote you. Saw an English paper today and everything in war news was favorable for us. So much the better. I have the feeling that such is going to be the case, for the most part from now on. Of course we must look for some reverses from time to time.

I got back from my business trip O.K. yesterday, and was very tired when I pulled in and had not done anything either, but travelling always did make me tired. Guess I never did enough of it to get use to it.

I am going to have to make a change in my allotment since congress has ruled that we cannot make a voluntary allotment of over five dollars. I hardly know what to do about it. I suppose that I can draw the money and send it to you or someone to take care of. I spend but little money here, Olive. In fact there is nothing to spend money for. You should not think of sending me money. I will wait and see how I come out and later I may send you some and you can drop it in the bank with the other.

I am pretty tired this evening. By the way the P.O. force and I moved the postoffice this morning. We were on the second floor and now we are down stairs. It is better than upstairs. Much cooler and more room.

It is twenty minutes ‘till nine the sun is still shining. It does not get dark until ten o’clock.

Will close for the evening.

Yours affectionately,


— The change in allotment takes place in August. I hardly know the government’s idea.

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