1918-8-3 – Bain de Bretagne

OBM’s mother is in Barnesville at this time.  On YMCA double fold sheets

Bain de Bretagne, 8/3/1918

Dearest Olive:

Good morning. How are you this fine morning? You are not up yet.

I just found Pres. Wilson’s address given on the fourth of July, and that it was very good. Does not at all sound like peace for some time. Think Germany is bound to get thrashed ere the trouble ceases. Think Wilson’s ideas of peace are good.

I am sending you a clipping which will undoubtedly interest you some. The old married women are again being welcomed into the schoolroom. I notice also that at the N.E.A. which met at Pittsburgh recently, they are trying to have money set aside by congress to help the teacher’s depleted salary. that would be fine fro the teacher. Much better than previous. If they finally devise such a scheme, teaching may finally become an inviting vocation.

I suppose that if you go to Waverly you will have things more or less your own way in planning your work. You should have it arranged so that you will not have more than four or five classes per day. – Then you may either visit or do what you care too. If you do not have a four year high school, you will not have so many classes. Will the school be a commissioned one? I would like to be with you in your planning of the work. Now, I am writing all this and not know even where you will be. I feel sure that by this time you are thinking going to Barnesville. Of course I know that since you can rest better a mothers you would want to stay there as long as possible.

In one of your letters you spoke of sending me a draft, but I am in no need of money. Money is practically worthless here, since there is but little that an American would care to buy. I saw some beautiful handwork yesterday evening and thot of sending some to you. It is very costly and I fear that some of the mail sent you will never reach you. I don’t like to send anything that is costly on that account, but some time or other I must get something and send it to you in our remembrance of France. They have lots of beautiful laces etc., and I know that you would appreciate it and I may send some to you. I must spend some money someway. Pay day will soon be here again. Of course I will not be overflush with money, but I do not need money here. Why, Olive, I can get along a whole month without any, if I have to. So you must not send me money unless I ask for it. You should spend what I send you in allotments, and I send you a few dollars from time to time to help out a little.

You well realize that we are out to win and you perhaps too well realize how much interested we both are in looking out for the future. I am afraid that sometimes you may skimp yourself in order to conserve, but you should not do that.

We had some second class mail yesterday, but little first class. It will be a week or two I suppose before I receive word from you again; since mail seems to come in about bi monthly. I am well and intend to remain so as long as possible, and I will be careful not to contract any disease which would minimize my good health. I am just as safe here morally as in Ohio, altho there are more temptation, but such do not bother me. You of course would be advised if I were sick. Will close.

Your Husband,

With Love, Clyde.

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