1918-8-4 – Bain de Bretagne

to follow up: Hartford City Sgt. Brackney  / On YMCA double sheet stationery

Bain de Bretagne 8/4/1918

My Dear Olive:

This is Sunday morning. we had some articles of was read to us this morning and we did not get started to work as soon as we might. [According to Patrick O’Brien, articles of war were frequently read on Sunday, the point being to remind soldiers of the rules—probably because some of them were not following them and had been charged.]

Yesterday evening after supper Serg. Brackney and I went out and picked some blackberries for pies. We are going to have the cook make them for us. They will go good tomorrow. I think that we will have blackberry pie for dinner today since a detail was our yesterday picking berries.

This is a pretty day. I want to go to the river this afternoon and take a bath. Have not had a bath for a week.

We have not had any mail today but are looking for some a little later in the morning. Hope there will be something for me. I had a paper yesterday: The Freeport Press. – the result of your efforts. Much obliged for your trouble.

The Allies are still gaining. Looks good, but there is so much left to do.

This is the busiest time in this town. Everyone comes in from the country Sunday morning. They do some trading at the stores at that time also. Think that everyone attends church young and old. Very religious and yet so irreligious.

I am sending all my letters to Hartford City. Suppose that if your address is changed you can have the postmaster there forward all your mail. Hope that by this time you have made up your mind as to what you wish to do. Oh! well I will hear in a few months.

Yesterday evening we got some milk from a farmer and had some bread and milk just before going to bed and it was very good. The people are very dirty but the milk was clean. Suppose they are some cleaner during peace times but they are bad off in that respect now.

I am glad that you were rested before your vacation ended. I think that you did the right thing by working a little while visiting since it helped you so much to pass away the time, and your planning for our future is certainly appreciated by me. I love you for it.

Will close—

Yours lovingly


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