1919-6-10 – London, England

Stationery: folding “With the Colors,” “Soldier’s Letter” in the stamp corner, addressed to Mrs. Olive Cummins, Freeport, Ohio, U.S.A, in bottom left hand corner at an angle: CM Cummins, 75 B. Road, London, Eng.

London, Eng. 6/10/19

My dear Olive:

Tomorrow I will be able to put on another wound [?] stripe for overseas service, altho I do not care so much about it.

Just wrote a letter to Unc. David [there is a David, brother of Buchanan] thanking him for his services, etc. Have a class this afternoon and must attend. I am getting more ourside the class than in. Did I tell you that my glasses are quite an aid to my eyes.

I am tickled to death to think that we are near our home. Somewhat deferred—but.—Saw one of my old roomies—Mr. Johnson—my Chicago mate. He was in ordnance dept here in London, but tells me that he leaves today. We had quite a time thinking of ye old times.

There is no use writing me letters which will arrive after June 30th since after that time I will be on my way. It take your letter 12 to 14 days to come. I may telegraph you when I land, but do not look for it. I am likely to walk in on you in the middle of the night. Will close.



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