1918-8-29 – Camp Coëtquidan, France

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Camp Coëtquidan, 1918/8/29

My Dear Olive:

This is nearing the finis of summer. Not be long ‘til Sept. day will be here. and oh! that winter ahead! What of it? New Monday you will begin your school and today you will attend the institute. Suppose that you will hear nothing but war! war! war! in those institute speeches. Don’t you get tired hearing nothing but war talk? Those magazines are full up with war material and you certainly like to discover an article covering some old topic. I read quite a bit. Am reading now during my spare moments a book on “The Soul of the Russian Revolution”—which gives me a good idea of Russ conditions previous to the war. The reading is interesting, good writer.

Ha! we did not get any mail again today, but we ever keep an anxious eye on the P.O.—but none ever comes. Just wait until it comes and we will be a very happy bunch. I am particularly anxious to have a letter from you. Should have some from the home folks too.

I attended a concert last night, given by a Madamoiselle from Paris, a Miss from San Antonio, Tex. and a gent from Rochester New York. Now that sounds Americanized does it not? The entertainment was good. We sang some of the American popular songs and it made us all feel much better. If anyone wonders whether the Y is doing any good here just tell them that the American soldier would be lost and some would be ruined without it. The Y should be supported to the limit. I am going to the bath house soon to take a shower. Cold water but better than nothing. So long until to-morrow.

Affectionately, Clyde

note at bottom of this page:

It was over a month between my letters. From July 26 to Aug 29 he had no mail from me.

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