1918-7-9 – France

Somewhere In France, July 9, 1918

Dearest Olive:

Well, got a letter from U.S.A. yesterday and it was certainly welcomed. The regiment got its first mail yesterday. The letter received from you was written from 11 and 12. Also it contained a letter from Mother. I do not know whether she will get to read this letter or not. I will try and write her also, very soon. Your letter also contained one from Anna. The handkerchief was in good shape.

I am inclined to think that there is another letter back of that one yet, but it will come later. We must observe patience when we wait on our mail here.

We are permitted to date our letters now, so you can tell about when they were written.

I do not have access to a paper and am absolutely in the dark as to how the war is coming on. I hope to get some where soon where an English printer’s devil operates, so that I can keep up with the times. I would think that it would be a paying proposition for an American printer to start a good paper here. I have not seen anything but few paged paper in Europe.

The French use wooden shoes—similar to the Hollanders, i.e. many of them do. One is able to see lots of wooden shoe soles. When a bunch of kids go down the street, the sound made is similar to that made by a bunch of horses on a brick pavement.

We had a very slight rain this morning—The first since our arrival. I understand that it is naturally very dry here at this time of the year.

Your vacation is nearing a close. Hope that you have enjoyed yourself, and wish you all sorts of good luck in you coming year. The letters seem sort of stale by the time they arrive here but I appreciate them just as much as if they were only one day old: We will have to accustom ourselves to the new.

Yours affectionately,


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