1918-9-4 – Camp Coëtquidan, France


Camp Coëtquidan  9/4/1918

My dear Olive:

 I was out and heard an excellent program given by some soldiers of our division yesterday evening. The entertainment consisted of songs, music, dancing and dialogue. I could not help but think of the amount of good such a group of men do among a bunch of soldiers who have been working hard all day. Such men can do as much good at that sort of work as they would shouldering a gun. The American civilian cannot appreciate first the value of the ‘Y.” in France. This same troop puts on a minstrel show that this evening and I expect to attend again. I enjoy getting out and seeing things.

Read a book yesterday written by an English officer who was wounded on the front and had taken a trip to N.Y. while on the road to recovery. The book is very good.

How is Johnnie this morning? Hope you and him are having a good time together.

You only had about three months vacation didn’t you? That cut you short just a little bit but I’ll venture you are better contented mentally, busy than idle. Is not that right? Your school should close about the last of April. That lets you our early—just ready for the spring farm work. Suppose the ladies of America will have to learn how to hoe corn if this war continues very long. The[y] will have to respond to the call like their compatriots—their French mademoiselles and madams. You should see how they make the hay fly. They get out on the hay stack, the straw pile or any old place. It is a shame, but I think they not only work so now but it is custom for them to do this even in peace times. I hope the American women will never have to come to that and I hardly think they will.

The old Hindenburg line was broken in one place yesterday—a part that was considered impenetrable but they went thru. I think the Germans are developing an infidelity in the strength of their armies. By the end of next summer, I look for the Germans to be very well driven to their own borders. One thing is sure and that is, that they will be unable to make many more offensives and if they do they will fail. I am well.

Yours affectionately,


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