1918-8-16 – Camp Coëtquidan, France

Stationery: “With the Colors”

Camp Coëtquidan, Fr. 8/16/18

My dear Olive:

The last letter I received from you was dated July 27 and received that yesterday. It told me of your change of plans. I am glad that you succeeded in you endeavors in first rate style. It is certainly complimentary of your previous work there as teacher. You will have everything there more or less your own way since you are principal. I see no need of your having but little work to do than you had last year, or while you were there before. If I were you I would certainly arrange all the work to benefit No. 1. You know that is the way others do and they seem to get along very well. You should not have more than four periods daily and at the most seven. If you teach history you will want to do much reading to keep up with war developments, etc.Certainly that is an interesting subject with which to deal.

You notice that I am in a different place from where I was. In our letters we are not mention anything about the movement of troops, but by a little deduction you are able to see that we have moved. We are located in a camp similar to that of Sherman. The barracks are more permanent than at Sherman. I understand that the camp has been here for some time. This place puts me in the mind of Sherman. Lots of dust. We have some German prisoners here, and I understand that they are sending some back to the States.

I have not written you for a couple of days. Have been very busy. When we arrived here found lots of mail and cared for that the first thing. Then too we had to set up a post office eand are still working at that. Finally we will get things arranged.

Much warmer here than at Bain.—but little shade. The camp is practically treeless. The nights are very cool. We are not so far from the coast (western).

Yours affectionately,


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