1919-3-29 – London, England

Plain 4-fold stationery

75 Bethune Road, Stoke Newington N. London England    3/29/19

My dearest Olive:

I realize that I have not written you as promptly as I might the last few days, but certainly you knew by now that I was in England—“Merrie” England. away from sunny France.

I have no class Saturdays. this morning took a walk with Mr. Snyder to get the answer from his cablegram sent a week ago and to be sure we succeeded. He is buying a new military uniform with his money. Guess I will do with what the government gives me now since I hope not to be in the uniform long.

None of the boys are home this evening, which leaves ne all to my lonesome. I just finished reading a part of Leslie’s. I am reading English magazines too. I am pretty much an Englishman all around now. I suppose you can hardly understand my English when I return.

I visited St. Paul’s Cathedral yesterday. Do not like the architecture of it so much as Notre Dame, or the Cathedral in Cologne. Of course the style of architecture is entirely different. One Roman and the other Gothic. Also saw where Lover Goldsmith was buried. You would be surprised to see “Old Curiosity Shop” the place where Dickins made famous. I is only a very small, two story concern preserved on the corner of a street.

I also visited to tower of London. Many things of interest there. the King’s and Queen’s jewels. Saw the largest diamond in the world, old armor, executioner’s block, where Anne of Boelyn and another of Henry VII’s wives was beheaded. Saw the small dungeon like cell where Sir Walter Raleigh was kept for several years, until he was beheaded.

I read some English history this P.M. to refreshen my memory while in the right atmosphere. I want to go out to Stratford some of these days to see William’s stamping grounds. After next week I will have a vacation of two weeks. I am learning so much in a thousand ways about people and things, more that than my studies. I suppose that after we get down into regular work next term the University work will be more interesting.

I think of you very often Olive and wish that I could see you and talk with you. It seems ages since I have heard from you.

Lots of love,


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