1918-10-3 – France

Somewhere in France, October 3, 1918

Dear Olive:

I have not been writing you every day simply because I have not got to it. You will just have to take them as they come from now on. I will write when I can. I have not had any word from you for some time—the letter received was written August 25th—considerably more than a month. We are looking for some mail soon now. We have new connections made with the post office department.

This has been a very nice torn once but it has been shelled too much by the Germans to be beautiful any more. We have a room that is very secure—we keep a fire going all the time in the large open fireplace. The post office force is with me, we sleep in the same room.

They are very successful along this front in driving back the Germans. They have fallen back 15 or 20 kilometers, which means a very nice gain. I was out among the big guns yesterday. Sometime I am going out and visit the infantry trenches just to see what things are like. [The previous sentence was typed in red.]

 We must be at least twelve miles back of the doughboys, now, We will move forward soon. As you well know, it is much better to be able to move forward than backward.

 Good news the Bulgarians are surrendering—Turkey will no doubt follow soon—Austria next the then Germany—still I think the war will continue into summer.

Hope you are coming fine in you fifth week’s work and I feel sure that you are. I am anxious to hear from you.

Sincerely yours,


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