1918-11-10 – France

on plain stationery, tear perforations at top of page

Somewhere In France , 11/10/18

My dearest Olive:

 Will write you a letter today. I did not get around to write you yesterday and the day before. We have been busy for some time now. Our work in the field is harder than in camp. We are not in camps now—living in the open, if you please. We have been since we were on the front.

The Germans are retreating on this front. The observe the retreat by balloon. They draw the balloon by attaching it to a truck and drawing it along the road while it is in the air. Prisoners are going back continuously. Saw quite a number of Italians as well as American, so the Germans are living up to the contract insofar as releasing prisoners is concerned.

I did not feel very well last evening, but feel much better today. Thot I was going to have the prig but not that now. The first time I have felt sick since coming to the front. Am feeling food now. We do not know how long we will be stationed here. May move anytime. The only thing to do is to be patient and await orders.

We will be sure to return home at some future date, but cannot tell when. Ought to be there in a few months anyway. I expect we will have lots of interesting experience still, but thanks we will not be facing shells coming our direction.

You have finished the second week of your third month now. You are surely teaching again by now. I am glad that you had the rest. Thanks for the gum. I always get that and it goes good.

We had those Xmas permits given out too late. You know they had to be mailed by the 22 of Nov. from the states. Only about 25% of our men got those permits, because there were not enough to go around. I [unreadable  ‘wish__’?]  more since we are going to be on the move we might never have a chance to get the package. Then, too you have enough to tend to as its is.

 The Kaiser abdicated, the Crown Prince  assassinated and the proclamation of a republic in Deutschland bid fare for a bright future for us. Hope you are well. It will be near Xmas by the time you get this letter. Get yourself something for Xmas and sya it is from your husband, you know, use my money. Will close.

Your loving husband,


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