CRC 1944-7-7 to family

Torn by JES, taped by MSC


Cover: “Airmail” stripes in lower right corner

From: Lt(jg) CR Cummins


FPO San Fran. Cal.

To: The Cummins

6109 Greenwood Ave.

Chicago, 37, Illinois

Stamp: 6¢ red airmail

Postmark: U.S. NAVY 8 JUL 1945

Censor stamp: “PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR,” initialed



7 July

Hello! Folks,

Well, I can’t say that there is much news–not any for that matter. The can of cookies came yesterday—this time my thank you is prompt, all times my gratitude is great. I haven’t tasted them yet—saving them for another day.

Enclosed are pictures taken a short time ago—to prove to you that I am managing to eke out a living That is out dog Phibby (short for Amphibious) in one of the pictures—just in from a swim. This was a little sandbar about 75 yards from the ship—the most ideal beach that could be desired.

For ten days (ending Monday) I have been suspended from all duties by virtue of this fact: I censored an outgoing package for one of the men. After I initialed it he slipped 1000 rounds of .22 ammunition in it. The offense was discovered by the coast censorship authorities and relayed to us for action.

I have had a delightful time reading and studying an assortment of subjects—sleeping to my heart’s content, living my own life almost exclusively.

But shortly our work begins again—the hot sun, glare of the ocean, loss of sleep, etc. I am frankly happy to see that period at hand, though I shall be just as elated to return to the easier routine.

When you are in port you want to get to sea, and vice versa.

I have had letters from Bob Walker, Chet Smith, and a Marine officer friend of the 1st Marine Div. Bob is skipper of his LCI—evidently in the Philippines. Chet is a Marine pilot flying from a light carrier—Okinawa, I think.

I shall take the best of care of myself—you do the same—

Love and Kisses,


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