CRC 1943-12-6 to family

Stationery: regular typing paper




Dearest ones,

Arrived safely and on time in Little Creek, after a pleasant, but fairly slow, journey. We will probably not have much to do this first week or so—but we are in fairly deep ignorance at present concerning what the future holds.

The food seems to be good and the company cordial. Informality compared to USNRMS. We will be living in huts with 16 men in a hut—plenty of room, but no million-dollar establishments. The huts are about 40 feet long and 15 feet wide with a coal-burning stove in the middle for warmth. It is not cool enough here for a topcoat, so quite welcome—wouldn’t you like to be here, mother.

My address for a short while will be simply Amphibious Training Base (A.T.B.) Little Creek, Virginia.

Rumors (scuttlebutt) says we are here for two months, then a leave, then to Florida for a while, then back here, and then to sail across the oceans blue.

I shall write again an soon as I know more.

Love and kisses,


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