When I was about 14, while exploring our attic, I found a treasure trove of letters home from my grandfather and father—and a Luger that Dad had somehow brought back from the Pacific theater. My mother tried to destroy everything I found; all but the Luger survived.

Of late, I have been transcribing these letters and memoirs, for my own knowledge of my family’s history and to share with the rest of my family. In the end, I thought others might be interested to read the parts of their stories that they wrote down.

Here are the World War I letters and memoirs of my Grandfather, Clyde Manson Cummins and the World War II letters of my Father, Clyde Robert Cummins (known as Robert or Bob). I tried to present them as I found them. I didn’t correct mistakes; I crossed out what they crossed out. I have put in some maps and photographs and plan to add more (please feel free to send suggestions and corrections).

Click on “Olive and Clyde” to read Clyde Manson’s letters and memoirs;

Click on “Bob and His Family” to read Clyde Robert’s letters to his parents, his sister and his brother.

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