CRC 1945-8-28 to parents

Cover: plain

From: Lt(jg) CR Cummins


FPO San Fran. Cal.

To: The Cummins

6109 Greenwood Ave.

Chicago, 37 Illinois

Postmark: U.S. NAVY 30 AUG 1945

Stamp: 6¢ red airmail

Censor: double line, PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR, with AIR MAIL below, initials THS(?)


28 August


Guten abend,

That it is too—with cool tropic breezes blowing—and very soon we’ll be headed up where the breezes aren’t quite so cool.

We have been well occupied, but there isn’t much that can written of. We have all been greatly peeved because of the Navy point system (no credit for overseas time), and this has taken up a considerable portion of our conversation—besides dampening our spirits immeasurable.

I have wondered if you remembered an Alquist family from Iron Mountain, Mich. This Alquist (or “Axel’) is in the 1st Marine Div.—rode with us to Pelelui. Since we have been here we have come to know and like him even more.

No, mom, I am not too thin. As a matter of fact I am not sending you one picture taken with the doctor that I did not like because it showed me at a disadvantage in this respect. I am attempting now (and will be until I am home) to return a little closer to my boyhood weight.

Of these pictures: one is taken with Dr. Davis, my roommate from Pearl Harbor to here. The other two were taken ashore here while Tom and I were on one of our excursions. The ship’s photographer has taken an interesting series of pictures here. Because of our limited developing facilities I am only able to obtain one copy of most of the pictures. Joan and I should have a good collection by the time we are able to colaborate. The answer that I received to my request to have you have your pictures taken was most unsatisfactory. Would you two like a spanking.

Joan and I are going to have an apartment as soon as possible—I hope that there is one waiting when I arrive though I would love to help her choose it.

You women! Send me names and information about people, but never any concrete facts that would help me locate someone—address, ship, unit, etc.! A.A. is on Okinawa, Bill Banks is flying form Pearly Harbor to someplace on the west coast. Oh! Oh!

Your rationing should be gradually lifted (after a while, at least)—so that you can have an easier time shopping.

In all sincerity I say not to send Christmas packages. You can hold a special Christmas celebration for me when I am with you—though it may be several months late. Even if you sent packages to me now, the way we are bouncing around the high seas, they would be very unlikely to ever catch me—certainly not by 25 Dec.

It is uncertain when I’ll be there. I know I’ll be far from the first out. This look as if it will be a long process. Just so we keep moving and busy I’ll be content for a time.

Much love,



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