CRC 1943-8-2 to family

Stationery: plain typing paper


U.S.N.R. Midshipmen’s School

Furnald Hall, Billet 306C
New York City 27, New York

Dear ones,

Arrived in New York last night in Harlem in the midst of the race riot. It was quite a spectacle—and it would seem that Chicago was due soon. Perhaps they hushed the story, but the riot here was fairly serious.

I was one of the first ones to report this morning (stayed at a hotel here, as the navy was not prepared to billet me) and thereby was fortunate enough to get the best company commander & probably the best company. There are three of us in the room—they have a double-decker & I a cot. We had no choice of roommates or beds. I have two excellent shipmates (“ [under ‘roommates’])—quiet and friendly and studious.

We are not in the “gob” uniforms, but have the regular officers’ khaki, with no insignia. Today we received our supplies and were drilled for awhile—but the major portion of the day has been calm and I shall have to wait for tomorrow to be fatigued.

I had an excellent weekend. Joan looked lovely in her uniform—and they all did. they are doing a wonderful job, and deserve much credit for their work. We had dinner in Amherst Sunday. The country is beautiful.

I am tired, children, and realize that my statements would only bore you.

Take good care of yourselves, and please take a vacation, and a good one, away from Chicago.

Your son and brother (if the waif is home),


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