CRC 1945-9-17 to parents

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17 Sept

Hello, all!

Well, we have been wandering around the high seas seemingly for weeks now. I wonder if Loyd let you read the letter that was addressed to him.

We left Okinawa carrying ground forces of the 5th Air Corps to Kyushu (Kagoshima Bay),–returned to Okinawa, immediately got order to go to Wakiyama (near Kobe and Osaka) to pick up Prisoners of War. Here no personnel were allowed ashore. There was no need for the ships here. Consequently orders came to return to Okinawa. Just after we had gotten underway we were told to report to Nagasaki (on the west coast of Kyushu) to pick up POW’s. We weren’t so far from there when we were ordered to turn back to Wakiyama because of the typhoon coming up the narrow channel between the Japan Sea and the West China Sea. At the moment we are a hew hours from Wakiyama. We have had consistently bad weather—which makes even the ordinary amenities of human existence difficult to perform—it is almost impossible to sleep, you don’t feel equal to eating much, you break a leg taking a shower, etc.

This whole operation has been rather well fouled-up.

Enclosed are pictures that are not the most becoming.

A box of chocolate chip cookies come just before we left Okinawa. They tasted very fresh—naturally had been well-wrapped as pop did the wrapping. Thanks much—Tom sends his thanks, too, for they are his favorites.

Don’t’ send Christmas packages. If I am not home by Christmas it will only be a month or two after that. Just two weeks ago I received three of last year’s Christmas packages.

We are all in the best of humor, though maybe we haven’t been overworking ourselves for a while.

Lots of love,


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